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Redline Brakes

We offer T-6 Brakes, Stearman Brakes, Warbird Brakes, and STC’D Brake Kits.

T-6 Brakes

T-6 Brake Replacement Kit

Add a greater measure of safety while you protect your investment in one of the worlds most popular and exciting classic aircraft.

Each brake assembly consists of three calipers, linings, and disc and torque plate. Each caliper has two pistons. There is one lining each side of the disc per caliper. The brakes are purpose engineered and manufactured for the T-6, not a modified or adapted brake from another aircraft. The replaceable linings are general aviation Cleveland linings part number 66-108. Rapco also makes an equivalent lining.

Removing the existing brake drums from the wheels, and brake assemblies from the axles carries out initial installation. The new discs bolt inside the wheels in the same bolt holes that retained the old drums. The new torque plate bolts on the axle in the existing holes. The calipers and wheels are assembled in the same fashion as normal general aviation disc brakes. The complete assembly fits inside the wheels and when viewed from the front cannot be seen. One man easily accomplishes installation in less than six hours. All parts and necessary hardware are included in the kit.

The brakes work very well on the T-6. They are self adjusting, will not fade with repeated hard usage, and will not grab. Although they will stop wheel rotation at any speed, there is no tendency to lock up, as there is good feel when applying toe pressure. We were very careful during development not to give the aircraft too much brake. The old continuous maintenance problems of the original T-6 brakes are eliminated. Brake lining service replacement is accomplished easily in the field in the same manner as normal disc brakes.

The price per set is $4,995.00 USD. Red Line Inc manufactures the brakes in the USA. The cost includes complete installation kit and STC. The FAA STC covers all models of T-6, SNJ and American built Harvard’s specified in FAA Type Specification A-2-575. We also have a Canadian STC for Canadian built Harvard’s.

We have kits in stock and can ship immediately.

Stearman Brakes

PT-17 Stearman Brake Replacement Kit

Looking for better and safer braking performance, low and easy maintenance? The Stearman disc brakes are your answer. Purpose built and designed for the Stearman the brakes are a low cost solution to an old problem.

Red Line Inc manufactures the brakes in the USA. The cost includes complete installation kit and STC. The FAA STC covers all models specified in FAA Type Specification. We also have aCanadian STC.

We have kits in stock and can ship immediately.

Warbird Brakes

We can design and build custom brakes for your antique aircraft or warbird. To date we have built custom brakes for the following aircraft:

  • Messershmitt ME109
  • Grumman Wildcat
  • Stearman C-3B
  • Heinkle 111
  • New Standard
  • Travel Air
  • Navy N3N
  • Swallow
  • Waco Cabin Series
  • Cessna Bob Cat

STC’D Brake Kits

STC’d conversion kits available for the following aircraft:

  • Beechcraft Stagerwing Series
  • Howard DGA-15 Series
  • Stinson SR6-7-8-9-10 and V77
  • Spartin 7W

For orders & inquiries, please email us at