Float Planes

Commercial or Private

With years of experience in the seaplane field we are capable of all your seaplane needs from Caravans to Beavers; float work, maintenance inspections, modifications, complete rebuilds, and more. We provide inspections, overhaul, avionics, structural inspection, turbine and piston engine maintenance, and inspections including hot section inspections and ā€œCā€ flange split.

Springer Aerospace mechanics have many years of experience operating, maintaining, and repairing various different types of seaplanes. From Round engine specialists to Turbine conversions we can offer you just about everything you require to keep your float plane in top condition. As well we also offer various modifications and the installations of modifications, see our page of mods for more details.

Whether you can fly here or need services at the worst locations, we have the capabilities to help you.


New and rebuilds

For all of your float work needs, from complete rebuilds that have serious damage to new bottoms our staff have years of experience in float rebuilding, repairing, and maintaining whether they are straight floats or amphibious.

Floats require much more attention than they usually get. Don’t forget that they are what keeps your aircraft on the water. Leaks or patches can result in poor performance due to water accumulation and drag, not to mention having to pump them out every day.

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